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About Us

More than 25 year experience in industry

Johnny General Auto Car Maintenance and Assembly (JGACMA) is a privately owned car maintenance and assembly facility located in Megenagna, which has been serving Addis Ababa residents for the past 20 years. The company facility is located on an ideally located 2000 square meter plot and employs over 100 well- trained professionals. Already a well-established name in the local market, JGACMA continues to invest in both its business and its human resources to set itself apart from other service providers and leadership in the market.


Who We Are

Our Business is based on our core values


Our vision is to maintain our leading position in the industry and to continue to be the leader in the latest automotive collision repair technologies and equipment.       


Our mission is to provide the best automotive repair service in East Africa. We strive to be the best in what we do to provide high-end automobiles with the care and maintenance they deserve, as well as to ensure our customers’ safety and confidence on the road at all times.


Our goal is to continue to develop and evolve, with current plans for the establishment of an auto assembly plant under evaluation. This assembly plant is seen as a natural extension of our current activities.

What We Do



Professional Team

Well trained, professional staff and experts



Fiber glass repair and construction department


Latest Technology

Car body repair with latest diagnostics technology


End-to-End Service

Nova verta paint booth and end-to-end service


Why Choose Us

+100 Employee

Well trained and professional staff

+25 years in business

A well-established name in the local market

+500k happy customers

Delivering consistent great customer service

Future Project

Future Goal

JGACMA continue to develop and evolve, with current plans for the establishment of an electric cars assembly plant. This assembly plant is seen as a natural extension of our current activities. Our Goal is to assemble 780 - 1000 semi knocked down units per year.

    The Project
    Project location: Oromia Region, special zone of Oromia, surrounding Finfine, Gelan Town

    Project Area: 5000 square meters


Quality Products We Use

PPG Paints
Nova Verta Paint Booth
Trane of Sweden
PPG Paints


News & Updates


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